Our Vision

We exist to make jesus known to every person in our community.


Our Mission

Love people where they are.

walk with them as they grow in christ.

send them out to impact their world with the gospel. 


our values


We love our community. All of our community. We show this by trying to walk closely with those whom we come into contact.

This may be something as simple as listening to you about your week, helping you navigate a job situation, helping with language skills, finding shoes for your child, or walking through a tragedy in your life. We want to be known as a church that doesn't just have services on Sunday but a church that cares for each other and walks alongside of people. This is what Jesus did his entire earthly ministry and it changed the world, so we want to follow suit.


We are here to see our neighborhood impacted by the Gospel of Jesus. This value will be ingrained into how we do everything from: children's ministry, Sunday gatherings, community events, small groups, multi-ethnic leadership development, the multiplication of disciples and churches, etc. We seek a gospel-centered path. A path that is singular in focus.


We can do more by doing less. We will choose to do only what God is calling us to do and nothing more. Everything we do will be weighed against the mission and vision of Journey Church. 


Bringing a friend on a journey is not always the easiest thing. Sometimes there is adventure and great fun and sometimes there is tension and conflict. All of these things can deepen the memories and help solidify the friendship. Even though it can be difficult, Journey Church wants to be a place where community is shared so that we can look more like Jesus. 


Our community is diverse, multi-ethnic, and beautiful and we want to live that way as well. Our desire is to see a fully multi-ethnic gathering from every nation represented from our community. We want to raise up leaders from all backgrounds and all nations to help lead the church forward. We want to see a multitude of leaders go back into their communities, across the nation, and across the world to spread the Gospel to all people. We want to continuously take steps to become a Revelation 7:9 church. 

"After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb."


There is power in celebration and showing gratitude. Our church will enjoy remembering what God has done so that we can embrace where God is taking us.