August 2017

We have had a great summer! We've seen how God is working in our community. Here are a few of the highlights of things that we've done and seen:

1. In May we had a Car Care Event and Community Party. We were able to meet many of the residents in the community. One great part was being able to provide basic car care for so many people. Great way to start the summer together.

2. In June we started leadership meetings and preparation for launch. We also had a movie night and served at World Refugee Day that helped us meet dozens of families in the community. Some of these relationships that were started are continuing to grow. 

3. In July we began meeting together for worship as a Launch Team. We also had Laundry Parties and met people at Walmart. We began the process of raising funds for a shoe initiative we called "Lace Up 4 Learning." We were able to provide 100 pairs of brand new shoes to kids in our community. Our teams are pushing forward in their plans for launch in September. We are making plans to begin an ESL program in the fall that will benefit non-English speaking adults in the community.

It truly has been a great summer. This list isn't exhaustive at all. There have been many projects, little conversations, encounters, and teaching that God has bought to our team.