Hope for the Here and Now: Part 3

When the World Tries to Crush You

Sometimes life gets tough . . . but as a result. This is what we want, right? We want to have a sense that the pain we experience has a purpose. Does God know or care about what I’m going through? Does He understand? If there is a God, why is there so much pain in the world? Is there any good that can come from my pain?

We all will go through painful times. We will all have suffering. Some will have more. Some will have less. This life will try to crush you. What is God up to in the pain?

Why the pain? What is the designed result of pain and suffering?

From This Day Forward: Part 3

The Holy Spirit has a summit, a relationship of your dreams, in mind that He wants to lead you toward. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to guide your life and your relationships? If so, your relationships and life could be transformed into something incredibly beautiful.

The beauty of a Spirit-led life and a Spirit-led relationship. Fruit is usually easily seen. But from a distance you don’t know if it’s real or fake, rotten or healthy. I think an important question is, what fruit do others see in you and in your relationship? Can they describe the beauty and fragrance of your fruit? Is it Jesus-typed love that they see? Does your life and relationships exude peace? What about patience? What about goodness. But, I think an even more important question is, what fruit do the other branches on your tree (the people closest to you) see in you and in your relationships? They know what’s up? They know the real fruit that is dangling from your branch. What fruit is your life producing? How do you follow the Holy Spirit to have a Christ-centered and beautiful relationship and life?

From This Day Forward: Part 2

No one ever makes a goal to buy so much stuff that you are drowning in debt and then all you do is fight over money. No one ever makes a goal to start looking at pornography, become addicted to it and lose all intimacy in marriage. No one makes a goal to start telling small lies that you have to cover up with bigger lies where your life becomes a lie and then your relationship is crushed under the weight of it. No one makes a goal to get so busy with work and chores and kids activities and hobbies that you wake up one day and realize you don’t really know your spouse anymore. No one makes those goals but people end up there all the time. They end up there because they don’t prepare. They don’t have the right goals for their relationships.

You can’t do what is normal and expect to have a relationship that is better than what is normal.

Making the right goals will keep you on the right track and put you in the place for the right kind of relationships.

From This Day Forward

Relationships are not easy. We look around us and many relationships are broken and we know that we are the product of the relationships we've been involved in or grew up in. There are also some cultural myths that must be debunked before we look at the relational framework of Jesus. He has a better way of living in relationship with people. It's a way that is a game changer. “Following Jesus will make your life better and make you better at life.” Andy Stanley

John 15:1-12

Application: Become Christ-centered in your life by following Jesus and in your relationships, consider one characteristic of Jesus’ love for you and then intentionally practice that one thing this week. A few examples: patience, grace, forgiveness, or presence. How does Jesus love you in these areas? Go out and do the same.

This is Journey: God has Something Greater

What you see right now is not the whole story. God has greater things ahead.

This is the story of Abraham - a life more like yours than you first think. He faced incredible circumstances, just like you. He had the struggles of life hit him, just like you. He had to be constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness and work, just like you. He made mistakes and took wrong turns, just like you. He sometimes questioned God, just like you. He lived a life, just like you. The difference is, Abraham mastered his life so well. He lived a life of faith in God where he willingly and confidently stepped into what God was asking. He lived a big, amazing, and triumphant life. He lived in such a way that there was no doubt he believed God had greater things ahead.

This is Us: Our Mission

God has a picture, a dream, in mind when He looks at Journey Church. He sees what it is and what it is to become. Just like a Lego set, the Creator has thought through Journey Church, He knew who would be a part of it, who would be here today, who will be a part of it in the future and He wants the beautiful picture that He has in mind for Journey Church to come to life. And just like a Lego set, every piece matters. This is why you matter. You have a place.

You can only see the finished work if all the pieces are in place.