Zach Gibbs

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Majoring in Business Administration at Western Kentucky University

Zach attended Woodburn Baptist Church since 2009 before joining the launch team for Journey Church in 2017.

What are you most excited about for this summer?

“I am excited for the opportunities of service, and growth in my walk with God and in connecting with the people in and around the community.”

How do you hope to grow this summer?

“Personally, I hope to continually develop my faith and knowledge of God and His word, and my ability of sharing the gospel. Also, I hope to grow in evangelism, my connection with people and developing personal friendships with people, and overall comfort in stepping into situations to share the love of Jesus and His Good News.”

How can we pray for you this summer?

“To take advantage of every opportunity God gives me to share His Gospel, and to not become timid in any situation. Also, pray for my walk with God to continue to grow. Pray for my fellow interns, and all of the work we will be doing this summer.”